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How to book a session?

Do you like my pictures? Let’s get started by sending me a message (through the contact form, or directly via email!) For the ones who would like to hear my voice, call me, we will discuss about your projects!

In your message, let me know what type of session you are interested in, the number of people that you would like me to photograph, and your phone number. Do not hesitate to give me details about yourself, your family, your project! This will help me to know you better and to organise the perfect session for you.

The date will be booked when the contract is signed, and a 30% deposit paid (it is 40% for a wedding). Without the payment of a deposit, the date will still be available for other couples to book.

Where are you going to organise sessions?

In Paris if required! (I just need an excuse to go there!)

How to be ready for my session?

Just come with the clothes you feel good in. Please do not come with a flowery dress if you are a jeans addict, you will be uncomfortable and we will see it on the pictures. Do your hair, you can put on a bit of make-up if it is what you usually do (mascara, eyeliner, and foundation, just to avoid small skin imperfections). Have a good night’s sleep the day before, exercise and eat 5 fruits and veggies a day (!). Ok, no jokes anymore: just come as you are.

For maternity and engagement sessions (and all of the ones who will show me their hands for some reason!): have your nails done, put some moisturiser if needed, because I will take pictures of them!

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Are the pictures photoshopped?

Yes, they are. No raw files will be delivered, because the photographer’s job includes the preparation of the session to editing. Some pictures will be in colour, others will be in black and white. It is also possible to focus on one or the other.

I don’t like my arms, can you do something about it?

I don’t make any changes to anyone’s body. I can remove the nasty pimple that came last night, but I won’t touch any part of your body. I am selling organic, natural, without preservative photography, it would be a shame to do this. But of course I will do everything to make you look good!

How many pictures will I have in the end?

This is a tough one. Every session is different, but usually a session results in around 40-50 photos. I don’t provide a set limit. For a wedding it is the same. I guarantee a minimum of 300 pictures, but it can be more.

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When will I receive my pictures?

It really just depends on the type of session we did: one or two weeks for a portrait session; around a month for a wedding.

What is the format of my pictures?

My packages always include an album and prints. Because you haven’t booked a professional photographer to keep them on your computer and never look at them, right? You will also get digitals on an online gallery, as it is a great way to share them easily. You will be able to download the pictures in high quality.

Do you publish the pictures on the internet?

In order to limit publicity charges (that would impact the session’s price), I publish sessions extracts on my website or on social media. Of course we will discuss together about the visibility of the pictures before we sign the contract.

Can I publish your pictures on Facebook?

Of course! You just need to mention my name (the pictures are still mine, as I am the author), or even better, a link to my Facebook page or my website. Your support is greatly appreciated as it helps me to keep me going as a photographer!

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