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Learning photography is a lifelong process, and it is as passionating as it can be sometimes frustrating. With photography classes, you will quickly make the most of your camera, learn easy to advanced techniques, and become a better photographer.

I offer a wide range of classes, from beginner workshops for you to learn more about your grand new DSLR to advanced photography classes for amateurs: landscape photography, night photography & street photography.

When you book with me, you are getting a committed, patient mentor, with a 10 year experience in teaching, that will bring you to the level you want to be. My students usually describe me as friendly, fun, and easy-going. (And now that I live in Australia they love my French accent, but that is another story.)

Preparation is the key to the success of each class, and I dedicate a lot of time to find you the best spots, the best programme, and new techniques to work on.

These classes are all about YOU.

I am here to help you grow as a photographer, no matter where you stand today: we focus on tomorrow.

Creating these classes comes from the idea that when you book a photography class, you don’t need to hear vague rules about composition or how to use a camera: you want answers to your difficulties, and meet someone who challenges you. That is at least what I want when I am a student, and that is my goal as a teacher.

What do you sign for?

  • Classes to know your camera better and make the most of it.
  • Workshops to learn how compose striking images.
  • Photography can be easy: in a non-too-technical environment, you progress quickly and create the images you dream about.
  • It is all about a bit of theory… and a lot of practice. I need to do to understand what I am learning, and I am sure it is the same for you: each class is about discovering new settings and techniques, and how to use them in real life.
  • After the class, you are not alone! Feel free to send me the questions that came to your mind overnight.

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$139 for a one-on-one.

$119 if you bring a friend.

$89 if you bring two friends and more!

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